General Membership
Retail, motel, resort, restaurant, liquor, professional, and service businesses.
$225 + $5 per employee (Max. $450)

First Time New Business
One half of General Membership for first year plus $5 per employee.

Financial Institutions ~ $425 plus $5 per employee (Max $750)

Out of Town Vendors ~ $150

Manufacturing Business
$425 + $5 per employee (Max. $750)

Non-Profit Organizations & Associations
Min. $100 – Max. $250

If you choose to pay online there is a 3% transaction fee added at check out.

Checks payable to LOW-Baudette Area Chamber of Commerce
Show your dedication to the area citizens in Lake of the Woods by becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
We want you and your business represented and involved in planning the future of the Lake of the Woods area. Chamber of Commerce Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, at 12:00 noon, in the Chamber of Commerce building. All Chamber members are invited to attend or send a representative.

*Chamber Membership Application (print this PDF file, fill it out and submit it to the Chamber)

* Chamber Membership Seasonal Applications (print this PDF file, fill it out and submit it to the Chamber)


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